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Considering apping to EACHDRAIDH? Why not give the setting a test run here!


The Seelie and Unseelie courts welcome you not with mirthful revelry, this time around dear friends. There is a seriousness in the air, though the food is still hearty and the imps still mischievous. After you have been briefed on your purpose here, you will find an endless feast and a night filled with entertainment to placate your concerns. Mingle with new arrivals, sneak down the castle halls and make sure your eyes are always on your glass; fairies and imps have no bias when it comes to tricks!

Looking for a little slice of home? The Station gives you all that and more. Take advantage of the wifi, have a cup of fairy-brewed coffee (the one they didn't spit in) or sit back and relax on the patio. You can even move your things into one of the available rooms!

Your own scenario! Explore the Drabwurld or simply take advantage of your Locket! Be mindful, though -- the monarchs are watching and cross court communication should be done with the utmost secrecy.

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Aisling | The Secret of Kells | Court Undecided

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[Aisling may have had no choice in coming here, but that doesn't mean she has to like it. She isn't used to being surrounded by this many people after so many years living in a forest with nothing but animals for company, so she conceals herself as best she can by hiding under the tables and darting between them.

The food is good, though, so sometimes she'll quickly swipe some food before disappearing under the table again. You might be able to spot her...especially if it's your food she's swiping without realizing it.
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cue the incoherent noises of pure and utter glee/disbelief

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The pile of small cakes on Brendan's plate has been steadily decreasing for a while now. The silver blur he keeps seeing out of the corner of his eye has been occurring for roughly the same period of time. Finally, his eye is almost quick enough to see where it goes and this time he follows, poking his head uncertainly under the table. There isn't much to see other than a variety of grownup legs, but there at the other end...]

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oh my goodness

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[Aisling hadn't been paying much attention to whose food she was stealing, more focused on actually getting to eat something. But even when she's cramming her mouth full, she stops when she hears that familiar voice, quickly swallowing everything down before replying.]

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so happy you have no idea

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[It's half a question, half a pleased exclamation. Likewise, his face can't seem to decide on whether it wants to be confused or happy right now. In the end he seems to settle (as always) for curious.]

Why are you under the table?
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There's too many people around. [She looks somewhat uneasy as she says this, but then her face lights up.] But I didn't know you were here! Were you suddenly taken here, too?
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[He nods, smiling now and scrambling down to follow her under the table proper. It's cramped and he's closer to a pair of old boots than he might like to be, but it isn't all that bad. And besides, Aisling's there.]

Yes. It isn't all bad though, even if there are a lot of people. I promise none of them will hurt you.
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Well...well, of course they wouldn't. [She puffs herself up a little.] You just can't be too careful, you know.
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[Really he wouldn't, because careful isn't really a part of Brendan's vocabulary or day to day behavior. He fully plans to take advantage of all of the freedoms that this place offers. So her caution pulls him up short a little.]

Maybe you could be careful somewhere else? Somewhere that isn't under a table?
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Well, I was only hiding because I didn't know anyone here...but if you're here too, I suppose it's alright. [Though she still sounds a little reluctant. Old habits die hard for her.]
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I promise nothing bad will happen. [And he means it. Brendan doesn't lie and he doesn't make promises lightly either.] There are forests here too. Maybe you could go to one of those if you decide you don't like it inside?
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I could stay there, but...it wouldn't really be like my forest. [That's probably what bothers her most.]
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I know, but... Maybe it wouldn't be that bad? If you just gave it a chance?
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...maybe. [She pauses to think about this some more.] If you come to visit sometimes. And if anyone tries to hurt you, they'll deal with me. [She may not have her wolves with her here, but that won't stop her.]

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My, my.

[ A curious phenomenon, the way the good Captain's meal takes to vanishing straight from his plate before he's even had the chance to lift a—fork, is it? he's still terribly unused to the many innovations of the realm—bite to his lips.

Ah, well...! Truth be told, he isn't quite as hungry as he is interested in the slip of a girl, with gangly limbs and long white hair, as she orchestrates yet another expert maneuver: alleviating him of his dessert before darting back, beneath the table, quick as a flash of light.

By virtue of being who (and what) he is, the girl never really had a chance of escaping his eyes, though color him impressed—if he were anything less, then surely, he would have thought her to be a draft of wind: the summer's breeze echoing throughout the hall. ]

It's quite all right, you know, if you should care to join me. [ A beat; he closes his eyes as he speaks, sensing if she still lurks nearby. ] We match, after all, and so it's our duty to look out for one another, right?

[ And by match he means they both share long, white hair and dark brows in contrast. ]
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[Aisling was about to scarf down that dessert, but she wasn't expecting anyone to address her. Cautiously, she peeks out at him from under the table, studying him for a moment before speaking.]

...I suppose we do match. [That's kind of weird.] Who are you?
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Who am I?

[ —he echoes playfully, tapping his chin as he makes a small (but certainly theatrical!) show of considering the question. ]

I am newly arrived here, and from the looks of things, I'd wager that you are as well. [ He offers her a smile, then, gesturing to the seat beside him, if she should so wish to take it! ] But you'd let me know if I were mistaken, wouldn't you, Miss...?

[ They can make a game of this, can't they? Fishing for one another's names! ]
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Aisling. [She doesn't take his offer to sit down. Instead she comes out from under the table to stand in front of him, still sizing him up.] And of course I'm new here. I don't know anyone, so I have to be careful.
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As you should be, Miss Aisling. [ Careful, that is, for they've been drawn to this realm between realms for but a single purpose, and it weighs on the good Captain's heart that Aisling, the child that she both is and is not, may very well be exposed to violence and all the ugliness of war. These thoughts, however, do not show their face in his expression—lofting an eyebrow high, he considers Aisling as she openly appraises him, laughing lightly as she does.

What is it that she sees, he wonders, for to many he's perfectly unassuming. Harmless, even, in their eyes (and to Aisling, he is!). ]

Though I do think that, in the here and now, we are surrounded by good company and comrades. [ He offers her a small bow of his head, after a moment's pause, hand slipping over his heart. ] And I am Ukitake. Juushirou Ukitake, Captain to the Thirteenth Division of the Court Guard Companies of my homeland.

[ A playful wink! ]

I, of course, am ever at your service.
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Ukita... [Aisling tries to repeat the name, but Japanese is a completely foreign language to her. She isn't entirely sure what to make of this man; it's been a very long time since she's openly spoken to an adult.]

What would I need service for? I can look after myself. [It's also been a very long time since she's used a thing called "manners".]
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[ ...his name can be something of a mouthful for others, or so he's come to understand. For some, it's an unfamiliar sound to the ear, and boasts quite a few syllables to boot! It is nice, though, to hear it spoken—or, at the very least, attempted. So often does he hear echoes of Captain! and Sir! that it's refreshing to speak to someone who cares nothing for his rank. ]

Call upon me whenever you like; if you've lost something, I'll assist in finding it. If you've broken something, I'll do all within my power to see it mended.

Or... if you should simply wish to pass the time by with a game, I've no qualms with devoting a day to a good bit of fun. [ His voice hushes, then, as he leans ever-so-slightly forward, as though he means to impart some great secret upon her: ] I'm the best there is at hide and seek, or so my nieces and nephews like to claim.
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Is that so? You're probably not as good at hiding as me. [Well, at least her interest has been piqued, and she looks less suspicious now.]
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H'oh? [ It is endearing to him, her confidence, and now he hasn't a doubt: as she professed, she can take care of herself, and if she truly might be able to contest his own hide and seek prowess, then...! ] Could that be a challenge, I hear?

[ Hmmm. ]

For if it is, I'm certain that the many corridors of the castle will make for an excellent playing-ground.
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That doesn't sound as good as a forest...but I bet I can hide in there just as well.
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[personal profile] maelstroms 2015-05-10 01:09 am (UTC)(link)
Let it be a true test of ability, then!

[ For surely the many nooks and crannies of the castle are not unlike the alcoves of a forest—here the trees are only decorative constructs; the many rooms of the court akin to burrows and dens. ]

And if I should be lucky enough to find you, perhaps you'll tell me of the forests that you know? I'd quite like to hear about them.
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I only know one. [Though as far as she's concerned, it's the only one worth knowing about.] And I'll tell you about it only if you're lucky.