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E A C H D R A I D H a panfandom folklore-based rp
"The gemstone cracked, the gemstone made,
Blood and will brought back to dawn,
Seven courts, their wreathes new-laid,
What lives be saved, what violence drawn?"

The last thing you remember is seeing something out of place, something very small with bright, intelligent eyes. A tug, either friendly or more demanding, is the last thing you felt beyond all else - and now you’re dreaming. You aren’t certain how you know that, but you do, whether you’ve ever had a dream before or not.

Before you sits an elderly man, and all around you are books, scrolls, maps; the information and histories of everyone and everything across all worlds, all universes. A cup of tea sits in front of you.

“I’m not, officially, able to interfere,” the man tells you; his clothing is spider-silk, beautiful and fine. Ink stains his fingers and he reaches out to take your hand. You let him. “But the unexpected has happened. Time itself has been turned back, and where before a great war was fought between the forces of Order and Chaos, this world - the first world - has gone back in time. Seelie and Unseelie do not yet exist. Great beings of legend and power are still young. And within your chest rests a shard of the Sacred Gem, your connection to your world.”

You drink some of the tea. It’s your favorite flavor.

“Some would have you fight. Others would have you try to prevent the great war, the Last Battle For All Worlds, from ever happening in the first place. It is not my place to tell you what to do. But know this: you are in Allaidh Darach now, traveler. Your actions influence all. Choose wisely.”

With that, you wake up.

Welcome to the Drabwurld, where history is yours to shape.

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